99% of people have ho idea what this vintage item is – Do you?

Most people have no idea what’s the name and purpose of the object in the photo- Can you guess it? Technology advances over time, increasingly easing our everyday life. This constant progress often leaves out many machines and gadgets that were once very important in every household. This is why we often don’t know the purpose of certain weird-looking objects that were commonly used back then.

The following photo is a similar challenge- it is said that an estimated percentage of 99% of the people on social media don’t know what this is (ok, maybe, this is an exaggeration?) and the rest 1% who do, are older people. Some of them may have seen it in the homes of their grandparents.

I believe most of you weren’t successful. If you don’t know it the moment you look at the picture, chances are you are not going to figure out anyway. However, if you look carefully, you’d see that it’s partially made of crocodile skin. Its name is Hercules Vacuum Cleaner and it has been very popular in the 1930s.

In fact, it was one of the “most precious” home possessions anyone could have. It was very expensive and only the rich people could afford it, as it was sold during the Great Depression.

The product had a big cylindrical tube with a hole on top where the suction pipe was placed. It had sled-like boughs underneath, so it can stand when not in use. It also had a leather handle and was partially made of crocodile skin.

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