As the global hand sanitizer supply decreases, here’s how to make your own

We all know that the widespread panic that coronavirus has caused has led to stock up on those things that help keep the germs at bay. One of these things is the hand sanitizer. In New York City, home to one of the largest coronavirus outbreak zones, they have enlisted the help of the state’s prison industry to make their own hand sanitizer.

Washing your hands is more effective in the fight against germs but we can’t all carry a faucet around with us so having a bottle of this stuff to hand is recommended. However, getting hold of one is easier said than done.

Making your own hand sanitizer is easier than you might think with only three ingredients needed and one of those ingredients is optional.

To make your own you will need

  • 99% rubbing alcohol
  • aloe vera gel
  • essential oils (optional)

You’ll also need something to put it in, a glass bottle which has been properly cleaned if you’re recycling.

Then all you need to do is

  1. Fill a glass bottle with about 2/3 rubbing alcohol
  2. Use 10-15 drops of essential oils per 2-ounce bottle. I used tea tree and lavender
  3. Then top off the bottle with aloe vera gel

It’s worth noting that rubbing alcohol can irritate sensitive skin and you certainly don’t want to get it near your eyes or nose. Be sure to dilute it if it’s too much for you or other members of your family.

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