Got a slow internet connection? With these tips your WiFi will be much faster!

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Make your internet connection up to three times faster with these tips! Most internet providers claim they offer the best internet speed of all, but why then does that often turn out to be really slow? It can be really frustrating when you want to download something or just want to watch Netflix. Reaching your internet provider can be difficult, but luckily there’s a lot of things you can do yourself to speed up your internet connection!

WiFi waves are actually the same thing as radio waves, but they’re just a lot shorter. This means that the further away you’re sitting from your router, the slower your internet will be. The average router only reaches for about 45 meters! Plus, walls also slow down the signal. In other words; your WiFi speed is influenced a lot by the place you put your router. That’s why it’s important to place the router at the centre of your home, and preferably not in a closet.

You don’t want to put the router on the floor either; the signal has trouble getting through certain materials that floors are often made out of. Besides that, most routers are made in such a way that they send out their signal slightly downwards. So, it’s best to put your router on top of something.

It’s also important to keep your router away from other electronic devices. These electronics can influence the signal of the router and they negatively impact this signal.

A fourth tip is to adjust the device’s two antennae. Make sure one antenna points horizontally and the other points in a vertical direction; this way you’ll have the best chance of all of your devices getting proper internet.

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