Gov. Kemp announced the approval of $17.3 million in Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank loans and grants that will help fund seven transportation infrastructure projects across the state

Macon, GA – According to the state officials, the considerable and wide-ranging Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank funding during Governor Kemp’s first term is a testament to his administration’s commitment to increasing Georgia’s mobility, positively impacting the state’s economy.

State officials also said that the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank has provided strategic state investments in critical transportation projects that enhance mobility in local communities throughout Georgia.

Applications are evaluated on a competitive basis. Criteria include transportation/engineering merit, economic merit, matching funds, and project specifics such as project phase and feasibility.

Loan applications are also evaluated for creditworthiness and overall project merits. An advisory committee comprised of representatives from state agencies and statewide associations evaluate SRTA staff recommendations and make final recommendations to the SRTA Board.

Funds distributed by GTIB are used for capital expenses related to road and bridge infrastructure work.

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