Gov. Kemp, joined by First Lady, Speaker Burns, Chairman Hatchett of the House Appropriations Committee, announced a state employee retention pay supplement of $1,000 for each of the roughly 112,000 state employees and 196,000 educators and school support staff across the state

Macon, GA -According to the statement, Gov. Kemp also announced school safety funding that will be added to the yearly base budget and will provide every public school in Georgia $45,000 to use on personnel or infrastructure improvements that strengthen campus security.

Governor Kemp’s Amended FY 2024 budget submitted to the General Assembly in January will include approximately $330 million for these one-time pay supplements, including $202 million for K-12 teachers and school support staff.

The budget will also include more than $100 million to provide ongoing annual funding for local K-12 schools for school security and safety.

Governor Brian Kemp reportedly said:

“Throughout the pandemic, a summer of unrest, and the unprecedented challenges of the last several years, our state employees have worked hard, taken on additional challenges, remained committed to serving their fellow Georgians, and become more streamlined so we can remain the best state for opportunity.

This retention pay supplement will arrive during the holiday season, and it’s part of my administration’s way of showing our appreciation for all that they do.”

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