Incest brother who repeatedly molested his teen sister and impregnated her gets 32 months in prison

In “a truly tragic case,” a woman recalled the horror she was put through by her older brother and how she gave birth to his child after repeated acts of incest. When the woman was a teenager and her brother was in his 20s, the older sibling reportedly coerced his little sister into having sex with him on several occasions. The brother had also previously suffered sexual, physical, and emotional abuse that left him “severely damage.”

In the 1990s, the brother forced his sister into sleeping with him, and would not stop even when she protested or tried to push him off. The then-teenage sister living in Greater Manchester also revealed that other members of the family have also sexually abused her.

Recalling the first time her brother forced her into sex, the woman remembered him saying, “it is okay, no one will know.” Though she tried to push him off, he continued, and this was the first of several such incidents.

“I didn’t want this to happen but he was the closest person I could go to. He was my brother. I loved him,” the woman told the police about the traumatic experience. “Now I’m isolated and I don’t have any family. It sticks in your brain forever. This has ruined my life.”

The woman also revealed that there was one incident where she and her brother had together consumed alcohol and smoked cannabis. This was followed by the brother committing incest once again, soon after which the sister found out that she was pregnant and was bearing her brother’s child. Prosecutor Alaric Bassano told the Manchester Crown Court that the sister “felt too guilty” to inform the police and even lied to her mom. Following the birth, the child who is now an adult was found to have serious medical conditions.

“This is a truly tragic case generally,” said Judge Hilary Manley. “But [the victim’s] tragedy is the most profound and far-reaching of all.”

Although prosecutors did not make a connection between the child’s parentage and the serious health concerns, Judge Manley said, “[They] understandably has experienced and continues to experience horror and disgust at the knowledge of [their] conception and genetic heritage.”

The woman’s statement to the court said the entire experience “gave [her] the worst and the best of [her] life” and added that she loves her child “with all [her] heart.” On the other hand, the brother was said to have suffered “years” of “sadistic” abuse and was now said to be remorseful over all that happened, according to his lawyer, Benjamin Knight. The lawyer cited reasons to spare the brother of jail and said the possibility of him receiving treatment in custody was “unlikely.” But the judge said, “these offences are so serious that only a sentence of immediate custody can be justified.” The brother was sentenced to 32 years in prison after admitting to three counts of incest.

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