Karlie Kloss On Designing Her Adidas Collection and Connecting With Herself In Quarantine

When I first see Karlie Kloss on my screen, she’s a pixelated, slightly delayed version of the model/Kode With Klossy founder/Project Runway host the world knows. “I’ve been having some WiFi troubles today…” she tells me, springing into action just as I offer to switch my own connection. It’s one of the all-too-common scenes filling our days in 2020, as technical difficulties impede our ability to connect.

But after a few virtual adjustments, it becomes clear that not even a weak WiFi connection will be tampering Kloss’s excitement. She’s here to introduce her new collection with Adidas, a spring/summer 2021 athleisure line designed alongside Adidas Design VP Jo Aberg. “It’s a dream come true to be creating and launching this collection with Adidas. Long before my day job being a model, I really have always identified as an athlete,” Kloss recalls. “Growing up, I played every sport in the book. I loved the role that sports had and continue to have in my life. It’s such a core part of how I connect to my body and my mind and how I feel my best.”

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