Masks Important For Kids’ Safety In Halloween Costumes

 The Spirit Store in Macon is a lot of spooky fun.

They’ve seen a lot of traffic this season,  but COVID-19 has changed what is flying off the shelf.

Kayla Ridley was decked out in a pumpkin mask. She is the store manager.

“The health care section, like I said, that’s been selling good,” she said.

Little Braydon Paschel may not understand what a nurse or doctor is, but he’s got big plans.

“A scary clown,” he exclaimed when we asked him what he was going to be this year.

That’s cool!  But Braydon is just 5.  He’s fidgety just like every kid his age, which means it may be a challenge to keep a mask on your kid’s face.

Pediatrician Lance Slade says if the mask doesn’t agitate your kids they’re more apt to wear it.

“You want to check breathability and comfort,” he said.

Dr. Slade says by doing that, you have a better chance of having your child stay in costume.

There’s another thing that may drive you a little crazy, but the message of wearing a mask needs to be repeated time and time again to the little ones.

“So making that conversation where you buy the mask where you try it on and then when you try it on at home,” Dr. Slade said.

Dr. Slade says get the kids to buy in on their mask and you don’t have to shy away from popular characters.

“If the costume already has something that goes with it, like Ninjago or Black Panther or some the superheroes we see in here, it makes it easier for kids to adhere to it,” he said with a smile

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