None of my Friends Could Find The Ghost Hidden Among the Skeletons (Can You Spot it in 10 Seconds?)

Yes, Halloween is behind us now, but we love our daily bit of spooky delights all year round. Combine that with a nice visual puzzle and you’ve certainly made our morning coffee time even better. L

ooking at the image we have here, the illustration appears to be a good ol’ Halloween design. However, this is a brainteaser for you sharp-eyed observers as one figure in this nightly crowd doesn’t belong. There is a ghost hiding among the gang of skele

So as you can see, this image is full of white skeletons, with a bunch of orange jack-o’-lanterns breaking the black-and-white picture with a tinge of color. Somewhere in this party is a gatecrasher – a white ghost that needs you to put your observation skills to the game.

Try scanning the picture for the odd one out, we certainly took our time with it. Give it your best shot and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Take care and stay safe during these difficult times. Thank you. 

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