Only 3% of People Can Recognize the Animal in This Picture – Are You One of Them?

It sounds so simple just to find something that hides in a black and white striped image. But there is a reason why this picture has recently gone viral. A lot of my friends tried to find the supposed animal, but none of them could see it directly. How about you? Only 3% of people can find the animal in this picture. The fact that this picture has been so widespread depends, of course, on the fact that it is an optical illusion.

While some see what is hiding in the picture at once, many others are tossing their hair because they simply do not see anything other than black and white. Now you should also try. Are you one of the lucky few who can handle it right away, or are you forced to look several times?

As I said, this optical illusion has puzzled many. It really challenges the interaction between brain and eyes.

I’ll give you a clue. We are looking for an animal that hides in the picture.

If you find it difficult to see the animal, you can also try looking at the screen from a further distance.

Relax and focus your eyes in the middle of the picture…

Did you see it now? If not, another hack is to turn the image around 90 degrees. In that case, the animal should show. Now comes the answer … are you ready? It’s a panda! This illusion was made to remind us of all the beautiful animals that are endangered in today’s world, and certainly we must say that pandas have received a lot of attention through this image – which has spread throughout the world.

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