Speed limit cameras at Stratford Academy and First Presbyterian Day School will begin enforcing the speed limit with tickets on Monday, March 18, 2024

Macon, GA – According to the officials, cameras are already enforcing the speed limit with tickets for the following school zones: Northeast High & Appling Middle, Rutland Middle & High, Weaver Middle, Westside High, Ballard-Hudson Middle & Ingram-Pye Elementary, Southwest High, Carter Elementary, Hartley Elementary, Heard Elementary, Springdale Elementary, and Windsor Academy.  

Officials also said that the cameras actively enforce the speed limit on school days when classes are in session from one hour before the start of school until one hour after dismissal. The start and end times and the enforcement times are below.

The flashing lights in a school zone only indicate the reduced limit around the beginning and end of school. The cameras enforce both the reduced speed limit and the regular speed limit in the middle of the day.  

Citations using the cameras are only issued when a vehicle travels within a school zone more than 10 miles per hour of the posted speed limit.

The first citation will be $100, and each subsequent citation will be $150. Money collected from these fines shall only be used to fund local law enforcement or public safety initiatives.  

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