The easiest housewife hack to get scratches and stains out of your wood floor

Do you have a gorgeous wood floor in your home? We love them; they’re so beautiful! Unfortunately, wood flooring can easily get damaged. A scratch or dent is easily made. It’s an awful shame because nice wood flooring isn’t cheap by any means. Luckily, there are a couple of tricks you can try to get your floor back to its original state. You probably already own everything you need and if not, these ingredients are cheap and easy to get by.


Moving around furniture can easily cause scratches on your floor. Even smaller items like a buckle on your bag can cause small scratches. That’s a real pity, but it can easily be fixed! With this mixture, you’ll be able to darken the scratch so it’s a lot less visible. Mix together equal parts vinegar and olive oil and pour this into a spray bottle. Shake well. First, spray a bit of the mixture onto an inconspicuous spot, like behind the sofa or a cupboard, to make sure it doesn’t make the floor too dark. If you don’t run into any problems, you can spray a bit on the scratch and rub it in with a microfiber cloth or a different soft cloth. The scratch will never disappear completely, but you will have made sure it’s a lot less obvious.


Have you got a discoloured spot on your wood floor, for example due to water damage? Then you can try to make this spot darker again by making a nice, strong cup of thee. Use black tea for this like English Breakfast or Earl Grey. Make a strong cup and then dip a cloth in there. Use the cloth with the tea to carefully rub the light patch in your floor in order to make it darker. Repeat this process until the spot has more or less the same colour as the rest of the floor.

Black scratches

Has someone with black soles walked over your floor and left a mark? These dirty black scratches are easy to remove with a whiteboard wiper. These are usually made out of felt, which you can use to easily rub away the black scratch.


Yikes, do you have a dent in your wood floor? Pity! There’s a way to save it, though: your iron. Put a tea towel over the dent and iron over it with your iron. This is especially handy for lacquered floors. Because of the heat that comes of the iron, the lacquer will melt slightly, which will cause it to become even and smooth again. The previous rule applies to this as well: try it in an inconspicuous spot first!

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