The Mercer Men’s Basketball team is off to their best start since 1966 amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The Bears basketball team currently has a 5-0 record with notable wins against Georgia Tech, and Georgia State.

Although the Bears seem to have the winning formula, Mercer head basketball coach Greg Gary says they have to take the proper precautions because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gary says his basketball team has been very focused during this odd year. He says there has been a lot of uncertainty because of the pandemic, but with a very mature team that has been the key to their success.

Because of the pandemic, Gary’s team gets tested often for COVID-19 to make sure everyone is safe.

“We are getting tested 3 times a week right now. You wake up every day to make sure you are still good. But our guys have done a diligent job in trying not to expose themselves to different people. We try to keep within our bubble as much as possible and social distance and they have done a really good job at that. Knock on wood we can keep that going,” says Gary.

Gary says if a player on their team does test positive for COVID-19 they have to take the proper protocols by isolating those athletes right away.

With the pandemic changing sports events on a daily basis, we asked Gary how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the Bears playing other opponents.

“We might it just depends. We might be able to play a game and we might not just depending on how it has affected everybody else. Some coaches are willing to play with two or three starters out and others are not. It’s up to each individual school to follow those protocols,” says Gary.

The Mercer Bears will be back in action on December 10th at 7 PM. They look to keep their winning streak alive as they travel to Virginia Military Institute.

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