The Pedestrian Safety Review Board hosted a Pedestrian Safety Summit for partners and the public

Macon, GA – According to the statement, speakers talked about the history of the Board, the education campaigns, completed Macon-Bibb projects, upcoming Georgia Department of Transportation safety projects, and an ongoing study that will define the next phase of infrastructure improvements. 

The county is currently working with Peachtree Recovery Services to review all pedestrian fatalities and similar accidents to determine where infrastructure improvements can be made to make the area safer.

Four years of information is being reviewed to determine types of accidents, why the accident occurred, what could have been different, and more. 

With that review, the county can develop a plan of improvements they can make immediately or that need to be given to the GDOT. 

The county has made $500,000 available for pedestrian safety improvements, and the GDOT has begun meeting regularly with Macon-Bibb on improvements to their roads.

Plans already in place and those being developed means the GDOT will be spending about $15 million on improvements the next few years. 

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