This GoPro camera got swallowed by lava, survived and recorded everything – The footage is incredible

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Modern technology keeps advancing our gadgets and devices to boost the user’s experience. Yet, there are some things they can often not compete with- like severe weather conditions. After the environmental exploration guide Erik Storm, of Kilauea EcoGuides, a tour group based in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, left his GoPro on the slow crawling lava pat, despite all the heat and pressure, the device kept recording!

His goal was to get images of the fiery madness, so he left the camera in a small crevice, but the lava sank out of it, and engulfed the device. Eric simply watched it consume his camera, which was in a protective casing. However, when he recovered it, he discovered that its SD card had survived the lava, and the GoPro kept filming the entire time.

He said:

“I used a geology rock hammer to pull it out of the lava and thought it was a total loss. Not only had most of the camera survived, but it had managed to record everything and was still working.”

According to the GoPro company helpdesk, when the operational temperatures rise above 125 F (51.7 C), most of the cameras shut off if operational temperatures.

Fortunately, this was not the case this time!

Take a look at the following images:

Of course, the camera does not work as well as it once did, but it is incredible that it is not destroyed by the lava. Its plastic casting was strong enough to survive the heat from the lava for the short period.

Eric added:

“The camera even still worked although not as well as it did before.

Truly amazing it survived!”

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