This little bear gets in trouble with his mom for peeking into people’s window – Her reaction is priceless

If you’re living in the mountains, you’re living in a place of idyllic beauty. But, sometimes, you get unexpected visitors. A baby bear visited the home of a family in North Carolina, but this got him into trouble. When young, we are all curious, seeking adventures all day long. The adorable visitor to their North Carolina home stood upright and peeked through their window.

One adventure-seeker woke up Sumer Walser Williams and her husband one morning! As Williams and her husband looked on in amazement, the curious cub stood upright and peeked through their window. Rather than be offended they were woken up at the crack of dawn, the couple was delighted.

She said:

“We heard clanging outside our bedroom window that backs up to our front deck. Sure enough, when I put the front deck lights on, there was a cub at the front door.”

But not everyone was so pleased by the baby bear’s boldness. After a few moments, the cub’s mom climbed up onto the deck — catching her baby in the act of what she evidently considers a “no-no.” Look at her reaction.

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