Georgia House passes bill allowing at home alcohol delivery from stores and restaurants

Beer, wine, and liquor. You may soon be able to consume those beverages quicker, from your own house.

That’s because the Georgia House passed a bill Thursday that would allow grocery and liquor stores, and some restaurants, to deliver booze straight to your doorstep.

It’s just awaiting Governor Brian Kemp’s signature of approval.

“I’m in favor of it because it keeps me from going out of the house and drinking and driving,” says Macon resident Bruce Barnwell.

As home delivery becomes increasingly popular during the coronavirus pandemic, most people we talked to around downtown Macon on Friday say they think at home alcohol delivery is a great idea. It’s less work for them, less risk on the roads, and less contact in crowded stores.

We also talked to some local restaurant owners off camera who say they’re in favor, too, because they generate a lot of money from alcohol sales, and so do liquor stores.

Unlike a lot of businesses, COVID-19 has actually increased profits at Macon Beverage Outlet.

Co-owner Brandon Cardwell says they’ve been doing curbside pick-ups and allowing customers inside at a safe distance.

Cardwell says they actually get calls from customers quite often asking if they deliver, so he says they’d partake if the bill becomes law, but he sees a negative side, too.

“We would do it, but I’m not a massive fan of it, because the health and safety of my employees would be the most important and I don’t know if we could guarantee that,” says Cardwell.

The bill says drivers would have to check IDs at the door to make sure they aren’t delivering to underage customers.

There is also a provision that says local governments could opt out.

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