Governor Kemp announced that the Technical College System of Georgia has launched an online Labor Exchange Platform, directly connecting job seekers and employers across Georgia

Macon, GA – According to the state officials, this innovative is reportedly an integral part of WorkSource Georgia.

The new tool will further position Georgia at the forefront of career advancement and skill development, providing access to job listings, educational and training resources, and career services as the state continues to benefit from historic job creation and economic development investment.

In addition to benefits for job seekers, the platform serves as a resource for employers, simplifying job postings, facilitating connections with qualified candidates, and providing crucial labor market insights, helping businesses navigate the state’s dynamic employment environment.

The Labor Exchange Platform is a component of WorkSource Georgia, which serves as the state’s employment and training system designed to bridge the gap between skilled individuals and job opportunities.

WorkSource Georgia is administered by TCSG’s Office of Workforce Development.

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