How COVID-19 cleaning may affect your pet

As the numbers of COVID-19 cases continue to rise, so do the rumors about pets and cleaning supplies.

At the start of the pandemic, Georgians took to social media platforms to share information about what cleaning supplies are safe for your pets. Dr. Ben Smith from Smith Animal Hospital in Perry says the type of cleaning solution does not matter.

Dr. Smith said, “I think the main thing is just, waiting until those surfaces dry with it. Very similar to sprays outside for fleas, all those are safe but of course, when they’re wet, they’re not safe.”

Most veterinarians recommend cleaning with typical home solutions unless your pet is allergic to the chemicals. Dr. Smith says that if you are cleaning the floors in your home, allow at least 20 minutes for them to dry before letting your pet play on them.

If your pet wanders into the wet cleaning solution, wash their fur as soon as possible. Dr. Smith says if your pet ingests cleaning supplies, spring into action immediately.

He said to rinse your pet’s mouth with water and thoroughly flush it out. If your pet swallowed any cleaning solution, contact an emergency veterinarian.

Aside from the usual home cleaning solutions such as Clorox and bleach, people also use aerosols such as Lysol for cleaning.

Local Veterinary worker, Megan Spires says her office at Gordon’s Animal Clinic in Wilkinson County, does not recommend the use of aerosol cleaners around pets under any circumstances.

Spires said, “Inhaling Lysol is not good for humans or pets. So I would make sure to evacuate your pets before you Lysol the room. Also remember to pick up any food bowls, or anything they could potentially lick that’s on the floor, and store it away until you’re done disinfecting everything. Especially if you have fish tanks, make sure those are covered when you’re using any kind of aerosols.”

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