Macon man raising money for COVID-19 relief through clothing sales

One man is helping the United Way raise money for the COVID-19 relief fund.

He got a website up and going is donating a portion of the profits because he feels strongly about the 478 area code.

One of the organizations the United Way helps right now is NewTown Macon. NewTown says for $225, they can help four businesses reopen during this COVID-19 pandemic by giving them individual counseling. Matt Smith started a website and he’s already earned enough to make that happen.

“I love website design and I love T-shirt design,” Matt said with a smile.

The site mostly sells Georgia T-shirts with different area codes on them. Macon has a heavy presence.

“I think people really like to rally around their hometown or where they live, and I’ve seen it, people that don’t live in Macon anymore are still drawn to that area code and that’s kind of neat,” Matt said.

He’s banking on that pride to help out during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Recently, I’ve been motivated to give back to the community,” he said.

His profits go into the United Way’s COVID-19 general fund, but Matt holds a special place in his heart for downtown businesses because he’s lived here all his life, walked the streets, and eaten in places along the way.

“I think they’re the lifeblood of Macon, especially downtown. I’m a lifelong Maconite and I’ve seen the city grow, and a lot of that is due to local restaurants and small businesses,” Matt surmised.

If you opt to plunk down money for a shirt or a hat, think of it as a win-win situation.

“They can get something neat to have, but at the same time, feel good about spending their money on something that also goes to help,” he said.

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