Macon Organizations Band Together To Feed Central Georgians

Saturday morning, Central Georgians throughout Macon ventured out to volunteer and better their community.

At Beulahland Bible Church, three local organizations banded together to provide the neighborhood with groceries and free COVID-19 testing.

Beulahland, the Community Church of God, and the Community Empowerment Center were able to provide testing to over 500 people.

“We’re really just trying to do all that we can,” Beulahland pastor Carlos Kelly said. “We’ve been giving food out, but to combat this coronavirus we feel that we have to do something and testing was the obvious option.”

All three organizations felt it was a necessity to make sure everyone gets access to coronavirus testing.

They were also able to send over 800 families home with food.

In East Macon, the Triple Crown Lounge decided to provide comfort food to essential workers and anyone in need of a hot meal.

The lounge opened in January before closing it’s doors for COVID-19.

Despite all that, workers still wanted to show appreciation for everyone working on the front lines of the pandemic.

“We wanted to let all of our essential workers know that we really appreciate them for an outstanding job during this pandemic,” manager Johnny Roquemore said. “Their efforts didn’t go by unappreciated.”

At World Changers Church of Macon, all three of Macon’s Rotary Clubs came out to feed their fellow Central Georgians.

Through a grant from Rotary International, the clubs partnered with the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank to purchase 25,000 pounds of food.

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