More than 350 people have traveled from all over the country to play in Macon Pickleball’s 3rd Annual Tournament, officials say

Macon, GA – According to the city officials, this year, they set a record for the number of players that registered.

That includes people who traveled from New York, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, and many more places. 

The tournament started Wednesday, March 22 and went on through Sunday, March 26.

It was held at the Tattnall Square Park Pickleball Center.

This will be the first tournament since all the tennis courts at Tattnall Square Park were turned into pickleball courts, bringing the total to 26 pickleball courts. 

Tournament Director John Roberts reportedly said:

“This is Macon Pickleball’s signature event on the calendar and it’s one that players across Georgia start planning for months in advance. We’ve also partnered with premier pickleball tournament provider, Southern Pickleball Association, as well as with U.S. Senior Pickleball to expand the event from three to five days. If you’ve been curious about pickleball, this weekend the Tattnall Square Park Pickleball Center provides a great opportunity to check out the fastest growing sport in the nation!” 

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