People are confused by the number of tigers in this picture – How many do you think there are?

Did you know that big cat collections and zoo exhibits are among the main reasons people visit the local zoos? We all know that New York City is by far the largest city in the U.S.A., so the fact that the Bronx Zoo is the nation’s biggest metropolitan zoo comes as no surprise. It is located on 264 acres in the city’s northernmost borough, the Bronx.

While this gives the zoo’s animal residents acres of room to roam and enjoy, visitors might find it difficult to make it through the enormous place in a single day. At the entrance to Tiger Mountain, a forest path takes guests to the home of the world’s largest cats – Siberian  tigers. From within two glass-walled pavilions, guests can watch half a dozen awe-inspiring tigers as they roam their three-acre grassy forest or wade in their own Tiger Swimming Hole.

Graphics and cultural artifacts along the winding path to and from the pavilions educate visitors about all things tiger, including the need to save them from extinction. The Internet appears to be getting itself into a twist over another puzzle containing hidden images. People are confused by the number of tigers in this picture. How many do you think there are?

Front and centre of the picture are four tigers but there is more to this than meets the eye. Tucked away in the background are another 12 tigers. Did you find them all?

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