Spoiled Kid Took 3 Subway Seats While His Mom Ignored it – Then a Man Decided to Teach Him a Lesson He’ll Never Forget

For some people driving isn’t an option. That’s right – public transportation is better for many than the hassle of owning and driving a car, saving people time and money. Traveling by bus or subway, though, means that you might have to deal with disrespectful individuals at times. Some passengers, for instance, refuse to give up their seat for the elderly or pregnant women, while others put their bags on empty seats. Others blast music that other passengers don’t want to hear or talk loudly on the phone. There are certain unwritten rules when it comes to riding on public transport, certain members of society, generally get to sit if there aren’t enough seats, such as the elderly, the disabled, and pregnant women, amongst others. Three people asked the kid if they could sit on one of the two seats his legs were resting on, he flat out ignored them and continued playing games on his phone, and his mother was sitting right next to him and did nothing about it…

The boy’s mother paid no attention to them as her son was ignoring their requests. In fact, she seemed to be just as oblivious of what was happening as her son. Her eyes were glued to her phone and she seemed lost in whatever she was watching on her phone. The people were shocked and continued to stand and wait in amazement as they watched on to what can only be described as a sign of the times.

The people waiting in front of him got more annoyed with every second that passed, the tension was palpable and eventually, he started to feel it too. In order to subdue those waiting, he tried to move a little in order to make some more space for others to sit. But, it made no difference as his legs still covered two spaces on the bench. While these people continued waiting in awkward silence, one person who was bold enough came along…

This strange-looking man came and obviously saw the selfish kid as he continued playing on his phone. This surprising stranger went on to do something that the boy will never forget – he sat on him!

However, before simply deciding to sit on a stranger, the man had asked the child to move his legs a few times. When the youngster figured that ignoring him would be easier, the man decided that he had to do something about it. The moment that he decided to squat on the kid’s legs has become a priceless one!

As the stranger took his ‘seat’, the expression that came over the boy’s face was utterly hysterical! It was really a lot like he had just seen a ghost or villain from a horror movie. This man had cleverly and quite funnily taught the youngster a lesson about how to treat others on public transport. But by the time the mother noticed what was happening, it was already too late… While sitting on the kid, the kid’s mother had completely ignored the incident, until the stranger had made himself comfortable that she realized she had missed her stop! She became angry and started blaming her son for it when ultimately, she had been listening to music too loudly to take note.

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