The Georgia Department of Labor released a report about Macon’s unemployment rate

The report was provided by Georgia’s Labor Commissioner – Mark Butler. According to the report, the unemployment rate dropped 1.6 percentage points that month. So, right now, the Macon’s unemployment rate is 5%.

Butler says Macon is still not where it was last year. Last year the rate was 3.4 percent. With the pandemic still going, on industries like hospitality and entertainment are continuously being impacted.

He added that getting unemployment rates back down for those industries will be tough. 

“Other businesses right now are doing really good,” said Butler. “Right now you’re showing almost 25,000 job listings right now in the Macon area.

And those are not just individual jobs a lot of those job listings are trying to hire more than just one person so it’s obviously a lot more jobs than that.” 

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