This common household product would keep your car windows from fogging up

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Whether it is winter or summer car windows will always fog up. Instead of waiting for the defrost to work its magic or using the windshield wipers that will leave streaks and only rid the fog for seconds, many believe that there are household products that would prevent from your car windows from fogging at all.

Car windows get foggy because of dramatic temperature changes and existing humidity. In the wintertime it is cold outside and when a person enters in their car with their body heat and breath, fog will form on the windows.

Whereas, it is opposite during the summertime. The outside of your car has a high temperature and when you turn your car’s air conditioning the cold hits the existing humidity and fogs the windows.

ChrisFix had heard of four household products that were rumored to stop windows from fogging up. The four products are baby shampoo, shaving cream, hand sanitizer, and potatoes. There are already products you can buy at a store that will keep your windows from fogging such as Rain-X. Chris decided to try out all five products to see if household products, which will be cheaper, are just as good.

Watch the full video to see how it all works!

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