This is the best way to reheat pizza, according to a Brooklyn pizzeria

Pizza is a key part of life in New York. The simple combination of dough, sauce and cheese brings the city together. Regardless of one’s income, background or neighborhood, people from New York City love pizza. A Brooklyn pizzeria has shared a foolproof way to reheat pizza. And while you may still want to eat yours cold, it’s at least worth a try!

There are certain foods that no matter what you do they just don’t seem to reheat all that well… anything that’s fried, sauces with an oil base, and vegetables to name a few.

Something else that’s always up for debate on how to reheat it, pizza. Many times people will just eat it cold because why take the chance?

Roberta’s recommends placing your slice of pizza in a skillet over medium to low heat and cooking until the bottom is crispy. Your next step is to steam it to get the cheese to melt. Finally, enjoy!

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