This man says “Hello” to his dog and the family can’t stop laughing at the dog’s response

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Did you know that Seattle, Washington is one of the top 5 dog-friendliest cities in America? If your dog doesn’t like the rain, maybe Seattle isn’t the town for you. But if you don’t mind the wet climate, you’ll be in good company as there are more dogs in Seattle than children.

There’s even an indoor dog park if you don’t want to pack the umbrella and rain boots, and you can get there nice and dry as dogs are allowed on city bus lines, light rail, ferries, and even seaplanes. There are over 32 meetup groups for dog lovers, and plenty of dog-friendly businesses for you to visit with your pup.

This “conversation” between a man and his dog has the family cracking up.

As the man approaches the gate, he gives his dog the familiar greeting “Hello.” The dog responds right back with a “Hello” that sounds so crystal clear it makes us all wonder if that is exactly what he is saying. Either way he is bringing a happy smile to all of us!

Did anyone else notice the guy laughing in the background? He is just as funny!!!

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