Woman Snaps Rare Albino Buck In Back Garden

A woman in the US captured stunning photographs of a rare albino buck that ‘strolled through’ her back garden.

Tracy Weese, from Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, took the beautiful pictures of the white beast stood proudly among the snow outside her home.

Not every day you spot one of these in your back garden. Credit: Tracy Weese via Vilas Country Sheriff’s Office

The snaps were subsequently shared on Facebook by Vilas Country Sheriff’s Office, which described the photos as an ‘incredible sight’.

The post has been shared 8,300 times and Tracy’s snaps were lauded by animal-lovers.

Commenting on the sighting, one person said: “What an awesome picture! Beautiful animal. I’ve never seen a buck like this.”

Another commented: “Beautiful please protect these UNIQUE creatures. I believe it is against the law to harm them.”

A third added: “It is truly magnificent to see. I would hope any hunter seeing this would NOT shoot it. It is so much more beautiful alive than on your wall.”

Indeed, it is illegal in Wisconsin to shoot an ‘all-white deer which is entirely white other than the hooves, tarsal glands, head and parts of the head’.

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